1 Nation Coral Revival Outcomes

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The event 1 Nation Coral Revival had over a 1500 visitors over the two days, over 200 people planting corals, 200 attempts at trying diving, more than 200 hundred try at water sports and 150 tries of guided snorkeling, 50 divers planting corals, between 50 – 100 people near main stage area at activity times, and 5- 15 people attending sessions for Awareness Tent and Nature Walks. Activity leaders report great show of enthusiasm among participants and the team will build upon this experience to improve the design next year’s activities.

The monument ‘1’ was sunken on 5 June 2015, a delay of by two days due to bad weather. The abrupt postponement of event to the 6th & 7th (due to the fact that strong winds caused the dismantling of a built up site the night before the event and stalls had to be transferred to the Eastern side) caused considerable loss in participation numbers and made it difficult to monitor numbers as the festival spread over two different beaches.

The event had 29 stalls, of which 6 were corporate, 4 were government agencies, 2 were media and 2 were schools. There were 5 event activity booths & 2 stages. A total of 43 partnerships were made for the event , 8 schools participated in various activities, Villa College and 9 Environmental NGOs, along with 3 Resort environmental projects, 15 Artists, 80 plus Volunteers & 8 different medias, 2 of which were international, covering the event, all made the event a success.

Event participants, partners and the organizing team are greatly excited by the prospect of replicating and improving next year’s festival, which will become the annual Turquoise Fest.  The proposal is now being developed to create a World Turquoise Day, a day which will celebrate coral reefs. The day will mark the significance of coral reefs to ocean biodiversity, ecosystems and our livelihoods, and will be part of the awareness campaign for the ongoing project “Monitoring & Rehabilitation of Villimale’ Reefs”.

See you all at next year’s festival 😀

For a turquoise tomorrow!

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