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Pie chart of audit statistics in grams

Pie chart of audit statistics in grams

Plastics were definitely the most commonly found items on the beach. But since all the items are noted in weight it may seem misleading. Nappies (classified under hazardous waste) were found in quite a large amount just over 8 KG, a lot considering most of the nappies we found were already dried out. Food waste was also very common – people seem to have a habit of throwing their food away inside plastic bags – not allowing the foods to disintegrate with nature.

Most of this was collected from just 20% of the beach.

Waste audit site 3 was from the swimming area and contributed 11.74 KGs to a total of 118.52 KGs which is only 9.9% of the total waste collected. The rest of the garbage was collected from the beach itself.

In others there were large numbers of cigarette butts, some lighters, wood, sand collected within bottles and other packets and plastic bags, paint rollers, light bulbs and tubes, a thermos, some building materials, footwear and even a bar of soap.

The actual audit will be done next Saturday, 22 December 2012, when we will know how much and what gets thrown on the beach per day.

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