Clean-up Event 02 March 2013

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The clean-up event was a huge success with almost a 1000 people attending to clean early in the morning at 9.30. It didn’t take long to clean all around the island, in fact in less than 2 hours everyone was done cleaning and had moved onto fun activities.

Through the Reef Clean-up though, we had achieved half the goal we wanted to accomplish. The West Reef of Villingili is covered with fishing ropes that gets cut when caught on corals or rocks. This rope covers the whole west area and is the total accumulation of pieces of rope spanning over a 15 year period. The Maldivers team had gone into the reef before the event date to prepare for the event and had manage to cut up the entangled ropes from the top which resulted in the “carpet” of rope rolling down to 30 meters. The dive team were not successful in taking out this immensely huge roll of rope. A Coast Guard boat had pulled at the thick rope tied around the fishing roll at the bottom of the reef to no avail. A bigger fishing boat was then brought into the picture when the rope they were pulling with broke! A date is to be set to take out the “carpet of rope” at the bottom of the reef.

The total garbage collected from land came to a total of 2.7 tonnes. There were pieces of garbage which were not weighed due to the sheer size – as we had only one weighing scale with a maximum weight of 50 kgs.


Event Banners that were put up around Male’

T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirts Printing in Progress

T-Shirt Printing in Progress

T-Shirt Printing in Progress

T-Shirt Printing in Progress

T-Shirt Printing in Progress

T-Shirt Printing in Progress

T-Shirt Printing in Progress


T-Shirt Screen with Back Light

T-Shirts Ready

T-Shirts Ready


Printing the Main Event Banner


Sorting Dive Equipments for Reef Clean-up


Testing the Sound System


Setting up Event Flags


Cooking Garudhiya for the Event

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