Litter Audit Report 19 March 2016

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A total of three sample sites was selected on the East beach as was the case in previous litter audits. This is the most commonly used beach by picnickers. One (Site 1) from near and containing bushes (Heylhifah), one (Site 2) from the main area under the trees where people choose to camp under the shade, one (Site 3) from one of the swimming areas itself.

The sites were marked and cleaned on 12th March 2016.

A total of 13 volunteers cleaned and audited.

Site 1 – 70×701 Ft, or 4900 sq feet.

Collection was done by 3 volunteers. Audit site was the same for all sites and auditing were done by 5 volunteers and weighing by 2 people for this site.

Site 2 –100×100 Ft, or 10,000sq feet. 

It took less than 2 hours to collect all the waste from this site by 10 volunteers. Auditing was done by the same people for this site.

There were several small fine pieces of charcoal from barbecue fires all over this site, tainting the beach sand making it look like brown sand. It was not possible to pick out all these small pieces and filter them out from the sand, hence had been left out from collection. Barbecue fires are rare on the East beach now since the introduction of the Barbecue area on the south west beach. It is believed that most of the charcoal pieces would have been left behind from long time ago.

Site 3 – 100×100 Ft, or 10,000 sq feet.

Collection was done by 2 volunteers in a matter of one hour. Audit was done by the same team of volunteers.

There is not a lot of distance from the shore to the reef at the swimming area on the east. A distance of 100 feet was chosen from the shore line outwards. It is not very deep here and a person can easily touch the bottom of the sea.

Litter audit group pic 2016 villimale

General Comments

It has been noticed that in the previous audit and in this year’s, that party decorations are an increasingly common item found on the beaches.

Volume or density was not found for any of the items. All audits was overseen by Fathimath Thanzeela of Save the Beach.

The data sheet for the waste audit is attached with this report. All waste was accumulated over a period of seven days.

Litter Collected Over 7 Day Period

Item KGs Grams
Paper & Cardboard                  0.57 574.50
Organics                  0.46 463
Glass                  0.68 681
Plastics                  5.66 5655
Ferrous metals                  2.38 2379
Non ferrous                  0.98 981
Chemicals & Haz                  0.20 204
Packaging/Boxes composite                  0.17 166
Supari wrappers                  0.04 42
Ceramic                  0.19 188
Textiles/fabrics                  0.95 950
Footware (mixed)                  0.95 954
Wood                12.48 12482
Sand/dust/dirt/ash                  3.33 3326
Ropes/pieces/fishing lines                  0.73 733
Cig Butts                  0.06 57
Decorative flowers/plastic                  0.07 65
Construction blocks                  8.00 8000
  37.90 37,900.50


TOT SQ AREA AUDITED in FT          24,900.00
TOTAL MASS OF WASTE COLLECTED (GRAMS) (7day total)          37,900.50
AVERAGE MASS/SQ FT (GRAMS)(per wk)                     1.52
TOTAL SQ AREA OF East BEACH (FT)        105,400.00
 ANNUAL MASS OF WASTE ON BEACH (KG)            8,342.37
Percentage of plastics                  14.92

Litter Audit Villimale' Pie chart 2016

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