Villimale’ Annual Cleanup 2017

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During the Villimale’ cleanup, with over 300 participants from the Villimale’ hospital, Red Crescent Villimale’ unit, Youth centre, Muhyiddin School, Villimale’ Police, Fire and Rescue Traning School, STELCO, Bike Maldives, Medianet, ROL, MTCC, Divers Lodge, Liquid Water Sports, Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, PADI , SSI, Red Crescent Male’ Branch, the Villimale’ Councillor herself and members of the community, a total of MRF 1499.8 Kgs with 320 bags total.

Recyclable plastics were picked up separately and a total of 472.7 kgs of plastic with a total 134 bags were collected. There were 186 bags remaining of general trash which totalled 1027.1 kgs. The recyclables will be sent off for recycling with Parley for the Oceans.

We would like to thank all the participants and the sponsors who supported the event. Mc Rooster, Vinorva, Garden Breeze, H. Miz, Housing Ministry Villimale’ Unit, Villimale’ Police, WHO, and individual members of the community made all the activities of the event possible, including organising the logistics of trash removal to the purchase of gloves, bags, water & the preparation of food.

It may seem that cleanup events are never ending, but events like these contribute to the long term sustainability of the cause. Compared to the 3 tonnes of waste collected from the East Beach alone in 2007, a total of 1.4 tonnes from all around the island does show a reduction in litter. Each annual cleanup reveals that there is still a number close to 1 tonne being cleaned up from around the island – we can celebrate a small litter reduction each year but there is yet work that needs to be done towards reducing it further. If during this cleanup, these 1.4 tonnes of trash didn’t get picked up, they will remain there to gain another tonne over the next year.

A big shout out to all those who came and helped in one way or the other.

cleanup 2017 (9)

cleanup 2017 (4)

cleanup 2017 (7)

cleanup 2017 (3)

Bike Maldives@ cleanup 2017

cleanup 2017 (2)

cleanup 2017

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cleanup 2017 (5)

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ROL at cleanpup2017

ROL at cleanpup2017 1

PADI & SSI at cleanup 2017

muazzin @cleanup2017

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medianet@cleanup 2017

medianet @ cleanup 2017

cleanup 2017 (6)

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MTC@cleanup 2017


cleanup 2017 (10)

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