Villimale’ Cleanup 2016

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Its been nearly four years since dustbins and signboards were first placed on the beaches of Villimale’. With the time that’s passed, some of the bins are now worn out, and the boxes they were placed inside have been subject to much wear and tear. It has also been a year since a community cleanup has been held in Villimale’ and that’s given certain problem areas in the island just enough time to become filled with trash again!

The good news is that the regular litter audits we’ve been doing show that even though we’ve had an increase in the amount of beach goers (and its always nice to see good people enjoying beautiful beaches!) there has been a decrease in littering. This means that our campaigns have indeed been working, and gives us our biggest motivation to continue at it.

To answer this need, Save The Beach, together with the warm and wonderful community of Villimale’, will be hosting a cleanup on the 12th of November 2016 (Saturday) from 9am – 4pm in front of the Villimale’ youth centre.

There will also be awareness sessions in the morning regarding safe waste disposal and mosquito breeding as well as music and refreshments at the main event area.

We are also very excited that the plastics picked up at the cleanup will be sent for recycling.

The community, along with representatives from various companies, organizations, shops, sports clubs, youth groups and the older community groups of men and women of Villimale’ have committed to participate in this cleanup. Organizations, institutions and NGOs based in Male’ too will be joining the clean-up.

Hope to see you there!

Cleanup Poster 2016 (web)

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