Beach and Reef Cleanup Event 2013

This cleanup day in 2013 was a day of celebration when dustbins and signboards were placed on the beaches.

The event started with cleaning in the morning and was attended by over 1000 people. Cleaning was over in less than 2 hours and over 2.7 tonnes was collected. People from different walks of life joined the event as well as school students, the police, the defence force, representatives from offices, the scouts, civil society organisations and divers.

A small ceremony was held in the afternoon after a traditional lunch of Garudhiya and Rice. Attending the event as chief guest was the Male’ City Mayor. The Deputy Minister for Environment and Energy too joined and spoke at the event. The afternoon followed with music, Bodu Beru, a beatbox and even a flash mob entertaining the crowd.

After much discussion with professional divers who do regular cleaning on the Male’ reefs, it was decided that only one area of the reef should get focused on. And hence the west was chosen as the reef was completely covered in lines that has formed a net over the reef, cause of which is the cut lines from the fisherman on the island sea wall. The divers managed to cut the entwining lines and roll the carpet like lines to about 30 meters, however, were unsuccessful in taking out the roll as it proved too heavy to be lifted out. We managed to get a hold of a thick rope which broke to the weight of the line roll. They were however, able to retrieve some garbage that had accumulated on the reef.

Event Pictures

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