Assisting the activities of Save the Beach is a great chance to contribute to environmental awareness as well as to the establishment of a proper waste management system – and exposure for your business can be arranged through a variety of methods.

Save the Beach will  be hosting a range of events and activities through out the year which will bring together participants and attendees from different walks of life. Events planned for the year, in addition to the Annual Beach Cleanup  include courses like swimming and lifeguard courses; awareness programmes on the beach for beach and reef eco systems, recycling, reducing waste; workshops to enhance skills and creativity like recycled material art workshops; and tree planting events. These events will bring in a diverse range of people to the beach throughout the year. The cleanup event had a turn out of over 1000 people. Other events like Environment Day or Yuri’s night had over 200 participants at each event. In cases of event coverage through media, the chances of reaching every household in Maldives is likely.

The beaches of Villingili are full of picnickers on weekends. Over 3000 people visit the beach on the weekends alone. This includes locals, expatriates and tourists.

Once the beaches are given a make-over the beaches of Villingili will be an attraction for over 100,000 Maldivians living in Male’ as a picnic spot.

The attraction will also be an extra for those tourists visiting the capital since Villingili has the nearest beach that Male’ can offer. According to the tourism yearbook, 1,030,000 tourist arrivals are expected in 2012. If we take 5% of the arrivals to be beds in Male’, that gives us a potential of 51,500tourists staying in Male’that will visit Villingili beaches. 42.4% of tourist arrivals or 434,660 tourists, are booked in Male’ Atoll and according to the yearbook, they increasingly choose to visit the capitalMale’. What more incentive than naturally beautiful beaches in the Capital!

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