Clean-up Challenge 2014

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Below are the winners of the clean-up challenge and the cleanup statistics.

Above 13 1st Place: AMBO (Bank of Maldives) with 121.38 kgs

2nd Place: Marine Expo Team (Blak Pvt Ltd) with 97.05 kgs

3rd Place: VMPS Teams with 86.7 kgs

Under 13 1st Place: Environs (Jamaaluddin School) with 29.4 kgs

2nd Place: Madirans (Villimale’) with 23.9 kgs

Total Weight of Trash Collected on Land: 923.32 kg

Plastics Recyclable: 411.88 kg

Aluminum & Steel Cans: 88.8 kg

Other: 422.64 kg


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