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Save the Beach has officially filed a case against Male’ City Council in Civil Court today. We have gone to court to find a way to continue the Beautification and Conservation of Villingili project. We have also applied for a temporary order asking the courts to let us keep cleaning the beaches and to continue our work until a final verdict is reached. A decision regarding the temporary order will be made at 8.30am in the morning tomorrow, 16 January 2014.

The Council’s unlawful termination of our contract is causing many difficulties in keeping the beaches of Villimale’ clean. These beaches are the most used beaches in all of Maldives, and it saddens us that the Council of the Male’ City, the capital of Maldives, do not care enough or at all about the escalating problem of waste in our capital, or the fact that these beaches need to be protected and conserved.

It is also a very sad day when a non-profit organisation such as our selves, have to take a government body to court, only to get a decision to keep an environmental non-profit project ongoing. The laws of the country have not been made to facilitate such voluntary work, and the processes of bidding outlined in the laws cater only to business ventures and defeats the purpose of community work and volunteerism.

We want to all of you join hands with us to keep fighting to continue the Beautification and Conservation of Villingili project alive.

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