Need For Conservation and Maintenance

  • Villingili has the only natural beach left in the Male’ area. The beaches are used by one third of the Maldivian population which is over 100,000 people and by an ever flowing number of tourists and expatriate workers, visiting throughout the week and weekends. The only natural beaches left in greater Male’ offers none of the pristine beauty rife elsewhere in the Maldives.
  • Current conservation efforts like the satellite quay walls on the eastern beach that maintains the sand on the beach, are now being destroyed by the tides and further research is required.
  • The quay wall on the west has been damaged in several places by strong currents and tides which a thorough EIA would have demonstrated would happen when the area was reclaimed. Since the reclamation has been done regardless, further research is needed on how to maintain the land there.
  • While there is a need for active conservation efforts there is also a need to place dustbins filling the gap in the city waste management plan and implement a system of responsible waste management for the beach.
  • There is hope for the reef if we adopt a responsible method for waste disposal that we can salvage and give a chance for the reef to grow.
  • A large number of old people, children, youth of all ages use the beaches and there is currently no monitoring system. Three children and an adult’s lives have been claimed in the past year alone in swimming related accidents. There is a need to train and place lifeguards to present the beaches of Villingili as a safe place for families to enjoy their days off.

The environment and ecosystem of Villingili have been gravely affected. Save the Beach’s aim is to preserve and maintain the beach and if proven possible by research, harvest the dying reef. It would also be a priority to place dustbins on the beach and to replant trees on the embankment of the surviving beaches of Villingili. Conservation efforts will be done in collaboration with the City Council, the Environment Ministry and the Maritime Research Centre and the community of Villingili.

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